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2021 vertical "constant" gallop! 2022 go to "Xin"!

Date:2022-01-19 Visits:1352

Bring the asphalt mixing plant closer to the city's ecological sand and stone mixing plant and make the asphalt mixing plant more environmentally friendly.

Renewal: cooperate with many old friends again. After long-term operation, Hengxin products have been recognized and appreciated by users. They often come and go to renew their cooperation and friendship.

Chip: deeply participate in the construction project of national regional improved seed breeding base, and make a safe and efficient memory of agricultural "chip"

Maotai: the 15000 ton wheat storage project of the 10000 mu organic wheat high standard demonstration base of Maotai Group provides a solid foundation for the adjustment of local agricultural planting structure and industrial upgrading.

Anti epidemic: "epidemic" goes forward. Overseas projects continued to be promoted, with more than half of the 20000 ton project in Indonesia, and the project management and installation personnel maintained zero infection, adding more confidence to the expansion of overseas markets.

Safety: carry out in-depth safety production education, zero accidents in 2021, and become a high-quality platform for the healthy development of employees.

Innovation: scientific and technological innovation projects have passed the acceptance of the Municipal Bureau of science and technology, enhance the innovation ability of enterprises through the implementation of scientific and technological projects, and provide strong underlying scientific and technological support for enterprise development.

Listing: Kechuang board was officially listed, enterprise code: 697569. Be a scientific and technological innovation enterprise facing the world's scientific and technological frontier, the main economic battlefield and major national needs, serving the national strategy and breaking through key core technologies.

Harvest: the re evaluation of "provincial high-tech enterprises" was successful, and was rated as "private science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province", making due contributions to promoting the "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Jiangsu.

In 2022, let's board the ship of "innovation", raise the sail of "struggle", row the paddle of "struggle", and strive to open a new journey of higher, faster and stronger development of Hengxin.


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