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Technical advantages


Technical advantages

The technical feature of spiral silo is spiral undercut, which is popularized because of its fast construction speed, good sealing performance and novel structure.

[good air tightness]

The bite formed by bending special equipment has excellent sealing performance. When storing granular and powdery materials, it can avoid the influence of external temperature on the materials in the warehouse. At the same time, it can meet the process requirements of insect killing and fumigation, and can also be used to store liquid materials. Its height and diameter can be arbitrarily selected in a wide range, and the spacing between granaries can be as small as 50cm. It has strong adaptability and wide application. It can meet the storage requirements of granular, powdery and liquid materials. It has been widely used in cement, fly ash, grain, oil, flour, food, brewing, starch, feed, chemical industry, light industry, water treatment, environmental protection, electric power, port and other fields.

[short construction period]

The short construction period can greatly reduce the basic cost and warehouse building cost.

[light weight]

The weight of spiral crimping steel plate warehouse is equivalent to 1 / 6 of that of concrete warehouse with the same volume.

[high strength]

The spiral undercut is five times the thickness of the cylinder, which strengthens the load resistance of the warehouse body.

[hardware facilities]
Covering an area of 40 mu, the company has 20000 square meters of specialized plant, 6000 square meters of modern intelligent office building, 18 sets of spiral undercut steel plate warehouse and complete warehouse building equipment, including 2 sets of SM50, 13 sets of sm40 and 3 sets of sm30; One production line of fabricated steel plate warehouse; There are nearly 50 mechanical processing equipment, 60 welding machines, 10 plasma cutting machines, warehouse eaves cutting machines and supporting equipment and tools. The main testing tools include Jingwei instrument, ruler, flaw detection, level gauge and so on. Excellent equipment ensures the excellent quality and quality connotation of Hengxin Steel plate warehouse.