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The "epidemic" is going forward, and the Hengxin storage Indonesia project is advancing steadily

Date:2021-11-03 Visits:1378

On October 20, 2021, the third steel silo in the 10-2000 ton broken rice silo project of a rice flour factory in Surabaya, Indonesia contracted by our company was successfully landed, and the foundations of silos 4 and 5 were successfully completed, marking the steady progress of the project.

Due to the impact of the global epidemic, our export business has been affected, but we are concerned about the progress of overseas projects and live up to the trust of customers. We have successfully mobilized and shipped the equipment to the project site, and timely arranged engineers to go overseas to guide the installation. In the face of serious epidemic situation, the on-site project department overcomes all difficulties and leads the on-site construction team to cooperate sincerely and achieve fruitful results.

In order to deliver the project on time, Hengxin overseas service team adjusted the construction scheme - arranged three engineering teams to construct steel structure foundation, steel cone bucket and steel plate warehouse at the same time. At the same time, reasonably adjust the working hours, work seven days a week, avoid high-temperature periods, and steadily promote the construction progress.

The follow-up project department will also continue to strive for the early completion and delivery of the project. The leaders of the company also give instructions and requirements to the project department:

First, we should grasp the concerns of the project owner, promote the project construction with key points and priorities, grasp the main nodes, and give overall consideration to the overall construction of the project;

Second, the company should keep close contact with the project department, timely and comprehensively grasp the progress of the project, and do a good job in guidance and service;

Third, strengthen the management of labor teams, do a good job in skill training and construction disclosure of labor workers, resolutely dismiss those who cannot meet the construction requirements, and communicate with the owner to find more labor resources with good skill level and enrich the on-site construction force;

Fourth, we should do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to prevent the occurrence of the epidemic in the project. The project should take advantage of the favorable situation with less impact of the local epidemic, seize the construction and production, and create more output value.

With strong strength and integrity, Hengxin warehouse shows the style of a big country and highlights the real power of Hengxin!

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