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Intelligent Control System

XCJ series automatic loading robot


◎ performance characteristics

The automatic loading robot is mainly used for packaging bags such as soybean meal, chemical products, chemical fertilizer and cement to carry out automatic loading with high efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers in stacking operation in the carriage

It moves laterally according to the width of the carriage and has the function of lateral movement correction. It automatically adjusts the longitudinal movement distance according to the length of the carriage and moves up and down automatically according to the height of the carriage;

PLC realizes automatic and continuous paving and stacking functions in longitudinal, transverse and height directions, and can quickly complete the zero return (Imin) of each axis in the length direction, width direction and height direction from the bottom plate of the empty carriage;

Stacking height up to 10t 2 packages; Production efficiency up to 120. Package / hour;

The loader will not misoperate when no car arrives at the loading space; When the number of loading packages is not set, the work will not be carried out;

After each train number task is completed, the current data will be cleared automatically, and you can enter the loading work of the next train number, automatically save the data, and save the list of each train number within 10 days. Data can be uploaded to the cloud for remote preview;

The system shall have memory reset function. After power failure, when the incoming work is resumed, it can continue to the previous position and complete all stacking work;

The repeated positioning accuracy of the manipulator is ± 5mm, and the system will automatically return to zero once every 20 trains.

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