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Store corn

Zhejiang Quzhou Kesheng Feed Co., Ltd


In March 2016, the steel plate warehouse for storing corn, wheat, barley and sorghum of Zhejiang Kesheng Feed Co., Ltd. passed the acceptance and was put into use.

Zhejiang Kesheng Feed Co., Ltd. is a feed enterprise integrating feed production, sales and scientific research. It consists of Quzhou Kesheng Feed Co., Ltd., Nantong Kesheng Haichen Feed Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Kesheng Fubang Feed Co., Ltd., Shangyu Keqiang aquaculture Co., Ltd. and Shaoxing Kesheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in February 2015, Kesheng's old factory was relocated, and our company undertook to build 16 300t corn, wheat, barley Sorghum silo realizes the full automation of cleaning, storage, management and production of various materials.

The project is equipped with domestic advanced spiral bite steel silo, hot-dip galvanized scraper and hot-dip galvanized elevator. The well frame and trestle are made of hot-dip galvanized materials, which greatly enhances the corrosion resistance of the equipment for outdoor use. The silo is equipped with temperature measurement and ventilation system, which can monitor the storage of materials in real time and ensure the safety of material storage.

Due to the wide variety of materials, there will be material channeling, which is also a major problem perplexing users. According to the actual production and technical improvement, our company is equipped with material cleaning devices in the conveying equipment, which can effectively solve the problem of material channeling and is unanimously recognized by Party A. Our company will continue to innovate, make persistent efforts and sincerely give back to new and old friends.

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