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Xinjiang Hotan Luopu


At the beginning of 2020, the global epidemic was rampant and the economy fell into a general downturn. Major enterprises were facing practical problems of survival difficulties. At this time, our company has launched a difficult battle for survival.

By September, we had achieved remarkable results.In just half a year.

Hengxin warehouse signed steel warehouse storage project contracts with major feed, grain and environmental protection companies such as muyuan group, southwest red agriculture and animal husbandry group, Yixing Zhonggu grain and oil, Jiaxing Shunfeng agriculture and animal husbandry, Chuzhou giant, and continued to enter the site for construction, making every effort to deliver to customers on time, with quality and quantity guaranteed.

Each complete set of warehousing project undertaken by Hengxin is a battle for us. Only by fighting each battle can it blossom and bear fruit in the wolf smoke market. Hengxin always adheres to the core concept of "safety, durability, reliability and compactness", carries out strict and serious planning from the standpoint of users, and comprehensively considers and reasonably arranges according to the topography, process requirements, material flow direction, construction scale and grain storage varieties of the user's region, so as to ensure the high quality of the project, reliable operation and safe grain storage.

Take the challenge calmly and come at your fingertips. It is always based on the precipitation of thick accumulation and thin hair. Hengxin warehouse will take this calmly to meet the more difficult battle and create a more brilliant future.

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