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On March 9, 2015, Buhler (Changzhou) Machinery Co., Ltd. cooperated with Jiangsu Hengxin storage equipment Co., Ltd. again and signed the steel plate warehouse contract of 240000 ton livestock and poultry feed production line of Guangdong Hengxing Feed Co., Ltd.

As an important partner of Buhler (Changzhou) machinery, Jiangsu Hengxin knows and trusts each other, and has a deep friendship. This cooperation between Hengxin and Buhler is another sincere cooperation after the joint efforts of the two sides to build steel warehouse projects such as steel warehouse of Xiamen Yinxiang feed company, steel warehouse of Shaanxi Danfeng Huamu Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Lubao jinhesheng Food Co., Ltd. in early 2012. Since the steel plate warehouse project was officially put into operation, the whole production line has operated stably and the equipment has operated normally. In terms of raw material storage, it has ensured the cleanliness and hygiene of raw materials and greatly improved the quality of final products, which has completely exceeded everyone's expectations. It is the outstanding performance of Jiangsu Hengxin that has been highly recognized by Buhler (Changzhou) and chairman Kong that has once again contributed to the renewed cooperation between the two sides.

The contracted steel silo adopts the production process of spiral steel silo, abandons the traditional fabricated steel silo, reduces the residue and cross pollution to the greatest extent, and brings great improvement to the quality of the final feed products. At the same time, the spiral bite technology greatly improves the tightness of the silo and solves the problem of material mildew caused by water seepage of the traditional assembly silo after long-term use. The whole set of conveying equipment and equipment frame are made of hot-dip galvanized materials, which is another highlight that can not be ignored.

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