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Yunnan southwest red Feed Co., Ltd


At the beginning of 2021, the complete equipment system of 6-50t feed bulk warehouse of Yunnan southwest red Feed Co., Ltd. contracted by Jiangsu Hengxin was successfully commissioned at one time and put into operation smoothly.

Yunnan southwest red Feed Co., Ltd. is located in Eryuan County, Dali, Yunnan Province. There has been a lack of large pig breeding enterprises in the southwest. The purpose of the 6-50 ton feed bulk warehouse added by Southwest red feed company is to serve the southwest group's powerful measures to expand the pig breeding base in the southwest and seize the market.

Through in-depth exchanges between the two sides and in line with the purpose of building a safe and convenient bulk feed storage system, it is decided to add a bulk storage system next to the new feed plant. Time is the benefit and work as you say. The project lasted more than 40 days from the commencement to production. Hengxin people made great efforts to catch up with the progress. During the installation process, they just encountered the Spring Festival holiday. The leaders of Southwest red company and the on-site project manager of Jiangsu Hengxin company made concerted efforts, A number of measures were taken simultaneously to finally ensure the smooth operation of the project at the beginning of the new year and ensure the large-scale supply of feed in the pig breeding base of Southwest group.

The silo has advanced technology and unique equipment. Due to the small storage volume requirements, Hengxin adopts the process of welding the insulation layer outside the silo, which not only reduces the cost, but also plays the role of safety and material protection. At the same time, the conveying equipment adopts a fully galvanized self-cleaning structure, which effectively solves the residual problem of different feeds in the conveying process and provides a favorable guarantee for subsequent accurate feeding.

At the production site of Southwest red company, the acting general manager of Southwest red company and he Gong of Jiangsu Hengxin company went deep into each key quality control point to visit and guide in person. The two leaders said that they should make concerted efforts to strengthen cooperation and successfully complete the project construction and nanny service in the later stage. Build the feed bulk project of Southwest group into a model project and benchmark project of Hengxin silo complete equipment in Southwest China.

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