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Storage of feed products

Guangming group Chuandong farm


After more than three months of intensive construction, the specifications of two Chuandong farms in Shanghai are Φ 14m * h13m stored corn and 8 seats, with specifications of Φ The 5m * H4M spiral steel plate warehouse for storing feed has passed the acceptance and been put into use.

In strict accordance with the latest enterprise standards, our company provides customers with the best storage scheme. The feed bulk bin also adopts the spiral bite form. Compared with the original assembly bin form, the structure is tighter and the sealing performance is better, which adds a guarantee for safe storage. At the same time, the exposed parts of the silo, including the silo top and maintenance, are made by hot galvanizing process. The silo steel structure foundation is shot blasted, and the standardized anti-corrosion treatment of two bottoms and two sides is carried out, which reliably ensures the quality of the steel structure foundation and the service life of the silo. The rotary ladder and derrick of the silo adopt hot-dip galvanized steel grating, which effectively prevents the anti-skid problem after rain.

The spiral silo has the advantages of short manufacturing cycle, long service life, simple control of feeding and discharging system, supporting conveying equipment with high output, low energy consumption, long service life, simple operation and maintenance, safety and reliability. It provides a guarantee for East Sichuan farm to be put into use as soon as possible and create value. Our service has also been highly praised by the leaders of Shanghai Guangming group and the leaders in charge of Chuandong farm.

This cooperation is another successful example after the cooperation with Shanghai Farm phase I project and phase II project under Shanghai Guangming group. While the East Sichuan farm project is under intense construction, Shanghai Aisen Meat Food Co., Ltd. under Guangming group has also successfully signed a contract with our company. Our company will undertake the complete set of two 300t silos in Shanghai pig breeding farm, Several cooperation with Guangming group indicates that our steel warehouse and its supporting equipment have been favored by more high-end customers. Our company will always provide customers with higher quality products and more convenient services. We will work together for innovation and win-win results.

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