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Stored seed malt

Jiangsu Jielong malt Co., Ltd


August is coming to an end. With the heat of the Olympic Games, Jiangsu Hengxin storage equipment Co., Ltd. has ushered in another milestone - the complete set of steel warehouse project of Jielong malt Co., Ltd. has been successfully put into operation.

As a production base for spiral storage of grain materials, in the contracting process of Jielong malt storage project, Hengxin storage equipment Co., Ltd. has won the high appreciation of Jielong customers with its exquisite R & D technology, complete plant hardware equipment and efficient and safe construction and installation scheme. As malt has more stringent requirements for storage environment than other grain materials, the completion and operation of 10000 m3 malt thermal insulation storage project of this project is of milestone significance in the storage industry.

Quality comes from specialty. Durability, reliability, safety and precision are our eternal pursuit.

Selection of material: Hengxin people insist on selecting the hot-dip galvanized plate with the best anti-corrosion ability to complete the production of the whole set of spiral silos, so that the service life of silo equipment is more than 30 years without any maintenance, which is unmatched by steel silos of other materials in the industry. Due to the use of Hengxin's exclusive spiral bite technology in the production process, the leakage of other storage schemes such as assembly warehouse is effectively avoided. The five-layer bite technology ensures the tightness of the grain storage environment.

In terms of thermal insulation: the five steel silos of Jielong malt Co., Ltd. have made thermal insulation design on the outer surface of the silo wall. When the change of grain in the silo is lower than the temperature change gradient outside the silo, it can play the role of thermal insulation, so that the malt is not easy to condense. Low temperature storage enhances the stability of grain storage and ensures the quality of grain. Due to the use of polyurethane foaming principle to make the insulation layer, the food is safer, the construction period is faster and the cost is lower.

Advantages of supporting equipment: in order to keep up with the pace of technical research and development of spiral silo, Hengxin has not relaxed in the production, installation and testing of storage supporting equipment. All conveying equipment, belt conveyors and hoists of the Jielong project, including well frame and trestle, are made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized sheet with the same material as the steel silo, so as to ensure that the equipment can also reach the same service life as the silo, so as to greatly reduce the indirect economic losses and potential safety hazards caused by equipment corrosion prevention and maintenance. Advanced monitoring equipment is equipped to ensure the effective operation of the equipment.

Smart storage: Hengxin provides customers with temperature control and ventilation system in the warehouse, monitors the temperature of stored materials in the warehouse in real time, and timely adjusts the temperature in the warehouse according to the different needs of customers, so that every customer can feel more at ease when enjoying the services brought by Hengxin.

In fact, you can also have it. Hengxin is always by your side.