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Liaoning Xinbin heating Management Office


Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County heating management office is located in the beautiful and dynamic Liaoning Fushun City, with Shenyang in the West and Benxi in Nantong. It is a heavy industrial base in Northeast China and is known as the "coal capital".

In October 2016, Jiangsu Hengxin and the heating Management Office of Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County signed a complete set of steel plate warehouse livelihood project with super large diameter of 25m and capacity of 10000m3. Hengxin people take serving the people and ensuring and improving people's livelihood as the goal in the aspects of preliminary project design, production workshop production, on-site construction and installation.

Hengxin people did not fear the severe cold during the construction process, guaranteed the progress and overcome various difficulties. It was successfully completed in early 2017 and delivered in time to ensure the heating needs of the local people.

During this year's use, Hengxin people kept good communication with customers, and the quality of Hengxin Steel plate warehouse met the needs of customers. Give consistent recognition and praise to our products, and smoothly accept them, so as to achieve a good relationship of long-term cooperation!

This cooperation has brought extraordinary significance. First, it has made contributions to people's livelihood services. Second, it has laid a solid foundation for the product technology, production and installation of our company's large-diameter and large-capacity steel plate warehouse. Hengxin Zhizao is committed to serving customers, people and country!

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