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On March 20, 2014, four 2500t spiral steel plate warehouses for guar film storage contracted by our company were successfully commissioned and officially delivered to the owner for use, with good operation effect.

The application of spiral silos to other chemical and construction industries other than grain is an important part of our medium and long-term plan. This cooperation is another cooperation with PetroChina, a large central enterprise after Sinotrans, China Textile grain and oil, China building materials, Jiangsu Nongken group, Tianjin Nongken group and Guangming group. The promotion of spiral silos in the chemical industry is another major promotion of our plan.

Spiral silo has the characteristics of high strength and good sealing performance, and can effectively store all kinds of materials. The use of spiral silo will solve the problem of long-term restriction on the storage of guar bean chips, improve the automation process of storage and transportation, and save costs.

The steel silo project of Beijing Kunming oil field adopts high standard construction. The silo part is processed by the latest sm40 unit of our company in Germany. The raw materials are high-quality hot-dip galvanized coil of Handan Iron and steel, which ensures the quality of the silo. At the same time, the conveying equipment is made of hot-dip galvanized sheet of the same material as the silo in accordance with our new standard, which greatly prolongs the service life of the conveying equipment. The control system adopts PLC full-automatic control, which also greatly facilitates the operator to monitor the situation of materials in the warehouse in real time, and adds a guarantee for safe grain storage.

Focusing on the future, Hengxin will, as always, promote spiral silos in different industries through its own technological innovation, so that spiral silos can play a role in more industries and create value for the society.

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