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Shanghai laoganggu waste treatment center


On July 3, 2020, with the first batch of crushed aggregate entering the silo through the conveying equipment, the commissioning of the phase I demolition and construction waste treatment production line of Shanghai Chengtou Laogang recycled building materials utilization center was successful, and the overall project was put into normal use. The successful one-time test run of 5-8000 ton steel plate warehouse and supporting equipment provided by Hengxin once again shows Hengxin people's pursuit of product quality.

Construction waste has a widespread corrosive effect on our living environment. The long-term disregard of construction waste has a bad impact on urban environmental sanitation, living conditions and land quality assessment. Firstly, after a large amount of land is stacked with construction waste, the quality of soil and the production capacity of soil will be reduced; Construction waste is stacked in the air, which affects the air quality. Some dust particles will be suspended in the air, which is harmful to human health; During the stacking process of construction waste, the long-term accumulation is that the harmful substances of construction waste infiltrate into the underground waters and pollute the water environment; The stacking of construction waste in the city is unfavorable to the urban environment and beauty.

With the following advantages, Hengxin spiral warehouse perfectly solves the harm caused by a large amount of urban construction waste:

1. The floor area is small. The silo can be selected arbitrarily within the diameter of 36 meters and the height of 32 meters. The maximum volume of a single silo can be 15000 cubic meters, which can make full use of space and reduce the floor area;

2. The silo adopts 5-layer spiral undercut technology, which has good tightness and no dust overflow;

3. The safety is high. The thickest silo can be made of 5.0mm galvanized sheet. The spiral rib is strengthened in the circumferential direction, and the internal evenly distributed column is strengthened in the vertical direction. The overall stress of the silo is reasonable, and the safety for aggregate storage is guaranteed;

4. Long service life. The silo is made of 350g / m2 galvanized sheet, with strong anti-corrosion ability and normal service life of 30 years.

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