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November 2011 Hunan Yiyang Huangye Food Co., Ltd. 4- Φ 23m * 23m areca nut spiral silo was successfully put into operation, with a single silo capacity of 9800m3 and a total of 29400m3. The storage material is areca nut. This project is the first areca nut silo in China. After more than two months of technical exchange and on-site investigation, the technical research office of our company has made a special design and layout for the silo based on the characteristics of materials and products. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of areca nut, the silo insulation design has been accurately carried out. Due to the temperature absorption of materials, In the whole process of material transportation, Hengxin fully enclosed belt conveyor and hot-dip galvanized sheet elevator are selected, which plays a key role in the long-term storage of materials after the treatment of supporting dryer for raw materials. All steel structures are hot-dip galvanized materials, which effectively ensures the service life and beauty of steel structure derrick and stack bridge. The operation of the project marks another breakthrough in thinking innovation and dare to be the first in the world, It is another perfect embodiment of Hengxin people!

Polyurethane foaming process is selected for the thermal insulation of the warehouse, with a foaming thickness of 80mm, and the periphery is surrounded by color steel tiles, which plays a good role in thermal insulation, maintains the quality of betel nut, prolongs the safe storage time, and increases the degree of beauty.

All steel structures are hot-dip galvanized materials, which effectively ensures the service life of steel structure derrick and trestle, while avoiding the impact of painting on the environment and quality. The fully enclosed room belt conveyor is selected as the material conveying equipment to ensure the whole process transportation of materials. In a closed environment, the dryness of materials is guaranteed, so as to ensure the quality of product storage.

The unique spatial structure design of Hengxin in the silo top ensures the strength and stability of the silo.

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