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Jiangsu Jinshan environmental protection Co., Ltd


Jiangsu Jinshan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading comprehensive environmental service provider integrating R & D of environmental protection technology, engineering design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of environmental protection equipment, R & D and production of new environmental protection materials, general contracting and operation of environmental protection projects. Nmbr integrated wastewater treatment technology is a new technology that combines new compound biological agents with active biological carriers and puts them into anaerobic tank and aerobic MBR biochemical tank. The main contribution of this technology is to skillfully combine the advantages of biological bed and MBR technology, and creatively develop a new process with small land occupation, low cost and zero sludge discharge.

In February 2017, the company inspected Jiangsu Hengxin storage equipment Co., Ltd. and finally decided to use the spiral steel plate warehouse made by the company as the anaerobic tank. In early March 2017, the company signed a phase I cooperation project with Hengxin company, including 10 spiral anaerobic tanks with a diameter of 16 meters, a height of 13.2 meters and a water storage capacity of 30000 cubic meters.

The project started in mid May and was completed by the end of June. The fermentation tank is made of 304 stainless steel plate on the inner wall and hot-dip galvanized plate on the outer wall. The warehouse is equipped with mixing system, cleaning system and biogas collection device. At present, the anaerobic tank has been used for nearly one year, and the overall use condition is good without any leakage or rust.

The spiral anaerobic tank solves the problem of large-capacity sewage storage of Jinshan company, saves the investment cost, speeds up the construction speed and improves the anti-corrosion capacity of the anaerobic tank. Jiangsu Jinshan will be popularized and used in large quantities in future projects.

Our company has always been based on "customer-oriented", taking customer service as the only reason for the existence of the company and customer demand as the driving force for the development of the company. By actively studying the changes of customer needs, effectively organize resources and provide customers with high-quality and differentiated products, solutions and high-quality services. On the basis of customer demand and leading technology, the company continued to innovate, met the needs of customers, won the trust of customers, accumulated rich experience and established the leading position of the company in the industry in the process of serving customers in many fields and industries.


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