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Shanghai Qingyi project completed successfully

Date:2021-11-10 Visits:1355

Autumn October is the harvest season. With the strong support of the owner, ten steel plate warehouses with a diameter of 10 meters constructed by our company stand beautifully in the suburbs of Qingpu, Shanghai.

The silo is used for the first time in the asphalt mixing plant to replace the original concrete retaining wall to store sand and gravel aggregate, stone powder and other construction raw materials. Hengxin's spiral steel plate silo scheme reduces the land area, saves the investment cost and shortens the construction period for the owner. On the basis of only 50% of the original investment, the overall equipment will be delivered smoothly within 2 months. At present, the silo has been fed smoothly.

The construction period of the project happened to encounter the hot weather in August and September. Yang Zhichuan, the on-site manager of the company, led the construction personnel to "get up early and get dark" to stagger the construction in the normal high-temperature time period, ensure the construction progress, and give full play to the skillful ability and strong style of Hengxin people to overcome difficulties.

The engineering personnel are the pioneers. The construction team leaders he Kunlun and Yang Jun set an example. They are the first and last to go to work. They led their respective construction personnel to unite and work hard, which has been recognized by the owner to the greatest extent. The rising steel plate warehouses gather the wisdom and sweat of Hengxin people. The successful completion of Shanghai Qingyi project has witnessed the spirit of Hengxin people's concerted efforts and courage to challenge.

Hengxin people have once again made outstanding contributions to the infrastructure construction of greater Shanghai.

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