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The second phase silo of Changhai group is about to be completed

Date:2021-11-04 Visits:1350

Glass fiber is usually used as reinforcing material in composites, electrical insulation material and thermal insulation material, circuit substrate and other fields of national economy.

Jiangsu Changhai composite material Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the glass fiber industry for nearly 20 years and has been listed for more than 10 years, and has been expanding its scale. In July 2020, Changhai Group invested another 1.1 billion to expand a set of glass fiber production line.

The main raw material for manufacturing glass fiber is pyrophyllite powder. Changhai group built eight 500t spiral steel plate silos in 2012 to store pyrophyllite powder raw materials. The spiral steel plate warehouse has good sealing performance. It is used to store pyrophyllite powder, which can effectively prevent materials from moisture and reduce environmental pollution.

Changhai group is also very satisfied with the spiral steel plate warehouse that has been used for nearly 10 years. The six 700T steel plate warehouses newly built in the expanded production line of Changhai group still chose the original partner - Jiangsu Hengxin storage equipment Co., Ltd.

As of the press date, the new steel plate warehouse has been basically completed and can be put into use after the installation of auxiliary equipment.

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